Struggling to deposit with Apple Pay this evening? Anybody else?

Apple Pay is not working this evening.
Everytime I go to deposit something, the pay tab disappears? Anybody else having this error? It’s supposed to be 24h 7 days a week for Apple Pay deposits isn’t it?
Help please!!

Hey Darius @DJNK80 - could you give a bit more detail in to what isn’t working?

Some things that may help are;

App and iOS version

What screen you get to

If you’ve tried another card

If you’ve previously used Apple Pay on Freetrade

If you’ve exceeded the limit over the lifetime

Any redacted screenshots to show errors or where you get stuck.

This may help us in the community to help you without the need of going to support. Also support may ask for this information to assist themselves so worth a try :slight_smile:

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