Swedish ISK account


I was wondering if you have plans to offer ISK accounts for Swedish investors sometime soon?

An Investment Savings Account (Swedish Investeringssparkonto, ISK) is a savings product that became available to investors in January 2012. The purpose of the new account is to make it easier to trade in financial instruments. Unlike an ordinary securities account, you pay no capital gains tax on your transactions. Capital gains tax has been replaced by an annual standardised tax and you do not report your purchases or sales in your tax return.

Looking forward for a positive response.


Affirmative, but you’ll have to bear with us on the timeline. Thank you!


+1 Would like to see this too!

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Thanks Viktor,

Looking forward to switching from my current broker. Can we expect support for ISK in 2021?

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Sorry if this is taken as being negative BUT these offerings when involving governments tend to take a little longer. I would guess 2022 at the earliest for ISK’s

I agree. Keeping my fingers crossed!

If I understood correctly, FreeTrade will have its European HQ base in Stockholm. I might be naive, but I believe this could be a big leap to also include ISK regulatory requirements as well.

As of today, these are the available brokers with Swedish ISK offerings:

  • Avanza (high trading fees for UK stocks - orders by phone calling only, no support for fractional shares, doesn’t support English)
  • Nordnet (high trading fees for UK stocks, orders by phone calling only, no support for fractional shares, doesn’t support English)
  • DEGIRO (complicated and ugly app, high fees on dividends processing for custody account, super high dividends fees for Swedish stocks, no support for fractional shares, doesn’t support English)
  • Traditional banks (out of question, super high fees, no English support).

I would love to see FreeTrade also support:
1- English. The above mentioned brokers lack this capability.
2- Islamic-compliant instruments (ETFs e.g., iShares, Funds, and Sukuk). These are listed on LSE. All the brokers above lack such offerings while user demands are high within expats community.



That’s great insight I’m sure the Freetrade team could discuss your post @sampoullain @Viktor


if anyone needs any translation from Swedish :wink: I’m happy to help (Swedish here, but live in London, UK)

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