Switching between accounts


Sweet :heart_eyes:


Big fan of the change percentage on the portfolio too :star_struck:



Not a fan of this UI. Sorry to be critical but I feel the problems with it are pretty fundamental:

  • Why is the word ‘Portfolio’ unchanging and huge? What does it even mean in this context, list of stocks? If you’re going to have a global modal switch at least label the current account clearly at top. The important bit is which account you’re in, so that should be the large head.
  • There should be a place to see your entire portfolio with all holdings, this doesn’t belong in a switcher view, it should be the home screen (Portfolio is fine if you want to call it that)
  • The discover tab has nothing to do with the account it falls under in this scheme
  • Does activity relate to the account selected or is it some sort of global screen (if so same problems as discover).
  • If you have several accounts in future (SIPP, ISA, GIA, JISA say), this switcher is going to get huge and be even more cumbersome
  • The Account tab name doesn’t make sense if you use Accounts to mean ISAs etc - it also says ‘Freetrade Account’, which directly contradicts the ‘Freetrade Account’ shown in this switcher.
  • Because you use a switcher, you need to have an ugly label under Portolio (is this what triggers the switch? Small target and in the wrong place for such a fundamental change).
  • The profile/settings/help button top right don’t belong on this screen at all - why are they here? These are global and deserve a tab at bottom I feel (more so than the cash screen).

The Hargreaves Lansdown app manages this a lot better IMO - it shows you all your accounts together under one portfolio, and then lets you go into them with a tap to view details of holdings and perform actions on each one. I was hoping you were going to revisit this UI with a bit of a rethink once you handle showing multiple accounts, as it has clearly been designed for a single account.


This won’t be added back into the app when switching first goes live but we’re planning to bring it back later on.

Hey Kenny, thanks for the feedback. This definitely isn’t our final solution but doing this in a simple way now unlocks a lot of different things for us. Feel free to have a little read here where I’ve gone into a bit more detail on the subject. :slight_smile: Account switching