View access to linked portfolios

I manage my ISA and SIPP and my wife’s ISA. On HL i can access hers from mine, although I have to log in to hers to actually trade. She doesn’t do investing. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

One for the development team. Request and accept to share someone else portfolio.

As a Dad to be this summer I was planning to set up my first Junior ISAs, so that would be also needed when FT get those up and running at some point.

That sounds like a KYC and AML nightmare if you wanted any control over it

Also I’d worry about financial control by having visibility over a partners account

Maybe it would be too much of a pain. I think HL did have send us both letters by post - so that would be the same address :roll_eyes:

I do like this idea.

We manage our finances as a couple and having to ask my wife for her phone to view her portfolio is a good first world problem.

I frequently use the HL app to switch between our portfolios. They do have some limitations but at least you can view.

I don’t know if this has now changed but I can trade on behalf of my brother on HL.

Would love this feature for my other half on Freetrade so I can manage her SIPP and ISA for her. This feature would be great for attracting users with higher than average deposits.

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