Free Trade must have linked account

I or my wife should be able to manage each other account, as well as children’s ISA account from single login . I must be able to handle buying and selling shares of my family wife and kids ISA. Hergreaves Lansdowne already have this feature which is very beneficial. When can freetrade bring such features, it will also benefit freetrade by adding more no of account and money in this platform.

Interesting idea. Are there any legal implications? There can be only one owner to each ISA, right?

I believe in the HL set up each account must be in an individual name and does have its own login etc. This deals with the legal issue. However a JISA account can then grant authority for a master account (parent?) to control the sub account for trading. The accounts can be linked and controlled by one master account woth one login for simplicity. You can still only add money directly to the JISA account though I think. I do not know if this can also be done for ISAs with adults - say wives /husbands, elderly parents etc. Perhaps the original poster has experience. It is a useful function for JISAs


Agree with you here. My 3 year old gave me her login details to sort her jisa out on HL :wink:

Personally never seen it for other types of accounts but I guess must be possible for things like power of attorney?

Would just like jisa’s to land sooner than sharing of normal isa accounts


I often manage my wife’s account via HL. The ability to link a family is quite useful as you can switch accounts in the app.

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You can’t contribute to a linked ISA on HL, only by directly logging into that account. It can be set up to allow trading via the link. It is a handy feature for looking at JISAs ( albeit funded by a platform fee )