Linking to a joint bank account

I had a query about linking bank accounts:

My bank account is a joint account with my wife.
However what I understand from Freetrade’s terms & conditions is that you cannot link a joint bank account? Is this correct?
If so does that mean the only option I have is to create another bank account only in my name?

Appreciate any clarification of this.

The T&Cs do say that however not had any issues with using my joint account so :man_shrugging:

Until now :joy:

In all serious hope that they have joint bank accounts allowed. I see it as an obstacle of customer acquisition


I had that thought before posting…

I’m watching you ops team :face_with_monocle:


Hi :wave:

You are fine to link a joint account, providing your name is on the account then there will be no problem :+1:


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Wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question as I can’t find it anywhere. Any help appreciated.

Can a couple both set up say ISA accounts but use the same joint bank account as the linked account?