Bank Transfer Top Up (Joint Account Issues)

Seems like if you have a joint account (the bank transferring funds to freetrade), your funds do not arrive into your freetrade account, due to the fact the fund name is different to the joint account. If this is a problem would it be best to warn people as this may put people off using freetrade when encountering problems.

Freetrade works on a linked account basis. So you can only transfer from the account you originally set it up with (or changed it beforehand). Is this is definitely the account you set it up with?

If it is @Gemhappe @MeghanB26 - is this an issue you’ve encountered before?

This is the account that is linked to my freetrade account but freetrade account just has may name bank transfer has mine and the good lady. This is first time transfer

Hopefully it will not be an issue all the time

Hey :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :pray: It is perfectly fine to have a joint account linked to your Freetrade account, however the first time you top up from it there’s a high likelihood that the deposit may not be allocated to your account automatically due to the difference in the naming convention.

If we can’t allocate this automatically we’d require a statement for this joint account so we can check this, allocate your cash and update our system to reduce the chance of further deposits from this account being pulled for continual checks.


If you can’t allocate this automatically how do I get the statement to freetrade

Send it via chat?

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Hi John :wave:

If you can drop me a DM I’ll look into this for you.

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Talking to a dinosaur here what is a DM and how do you do it


Sorry John! :see_no_evil:

DM = Direct message. If you look in-app I’ve responded to you. :+1:



  1. Click Meghan’s picture. Her public profile will pop-up. Then
  2. Click the Message button, the pink one on the top right hand side
  3. Write your message
  4. Send

Hope this helps


Done another transfer today in within hours

All sorted thank you

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Thank you to all, who have contributed to the solution


Odd. I got a joint account but never had any issues. Glad you got it sorted though

So pleased to hear that John :slight_smile:

Anytime you need anything, just drop us a message! :+1:

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