Sylvania Platinum Limited engages in the exploration of mineral properties in South Africa and Mauritius. It primarily extracts for platinum group based metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The company holds interests in the Sylvania dump operations, as well as Northern Limb, Grasvally, and Volspruit projects. It is also involved in the chrome tailings retreatment operations. Sylvania Platinum Limited is based in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Freetrade helped get me into investing. I love the slick beginner friendly interface.

However as I delve more into investing and stocks the one gripe I am having is not being able to invest into the stocks I’m wanting too

SLP is one stock I want to own but would have to change platforms to do so.

So please get it on Freetrade!


Hello Alex.

Hope you don’t mind I’ve moved your thread here so we don’t dilute the vote.

I’ve been reading up on SLP over the last few days and I’m really interested in their business too (will be even more interested when Eurasia sorts itself out!).

Anyway, not sure if you’re a Twitter user, but GCP gives some great coverage on Sylvania.

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Thank you

I am new here. Did not see this already posted

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