Tax year needs updating in ISA account creation flow and T&C’s

Hi folks,

My first post in the community - very excited to be involved!

Having already held an ISA elsewhere for the 18/19 tax year, I waited until that tax year had ended to open my Freetrade ISA. Although I’m sure that it’s just copy that needs updating, the onboarding flow and T&C’s both say that I’d be signing up for an ISA for the 18/19 tax year, rather than the current 19/20 year. Am I safe to sign-up for the ISA for the current tax year even though the copy says it’s for the previous? I’m just double checking.


p.s is there an investor badge that I can get around here?

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Yes this won’t cause any issues for you. We’ll update the website on Monday & the app ASAP.

I’ve sent you a message about this :slight_smile:


Super fast response - Cheers Alex, I’ll start setting up my ISA then! I’ve PM’d you back re badge.


FYI, you could have opened it last year anyway. The only thing you’re not allowed to do is put money in 2 different S&S ISAs in the same year.