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Not sure. But i have relative who is a car mechanic/technician who works in his local MG service centre.
3 weeks running they have had different reporter’s, (& even a guy claiming to be from a save the earth group) asking what will happen with all the batteries once they reach the end of their life cycle.
Maybe the msn are starting to wake up & ask questions about the buying & selling of these batteries from & to china with all the pollution involved transporting them half way across the globe.
But yes its strange that recyclus is only just getting attention. Id say get ready for some big share purchases.
Sorry if this doesn’t seem relevant. We will find out in 3-5 years if TM1 & Recyclus can handle the massive influx of 100’s of 1000’s of EV batteries.


Saw the ban on disposable vapes coming into place soon in the UK.

Could this be a trick missed as to recycle the batteries from them? No need now if they’re banned. Just a thought.

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Hard to imagine the process to harvest such a small battery from a big lump of plastic.

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Definitely worth a listen.


Great video well worth the time watching.
It’s as if he read what i was thinking the day i decided to buy shares in TM1.
he is spot on with all the EU rules,
regulation & hoops TM1 & recylus have had
To jump through.
Also a great video i can show to my wife & say,
Told you i was right when you said why waste your money. :smile:. Can’t wait to see her face in 5 or even 10 year’s time.

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Although the gist of his video about black mass is good on a global level, he’s wrong about EU rules or indeed global rules. Shipping black mass to China from the EU would still be classed as hazardous waste so all the pesky red tape (or regulations to protect people and the environment) still exists and applies. The reason materials go to China is more about global supply chains/demand/capacity but that will change over time.

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The tide is turning slowly, hopefully more demand for black mass is created closer to home.
But i still cannot understand why hardly any of the UK msm are talking about TM1 & reclus, apart from the small fire they had.

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Will Tata be the first company in UK looking for TM1’s products ? If so It’ll be years before that factory is in production.

Worth a listen from 55 minutes on.


. Love it government announces the roll back of EV new sales date and the share price goes up
This share is mad as a box of frogs.


Not long now surely next week will bring good news

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