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Can anyone remind me of what happens to our shares in TM1 when the RTO completes?

Do they get renamed/transferred to Recyclus? Or are they compulsory purchased back?

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You’ll still hold shares, just in an enlarged company.


The sooner the better. Seems to be a lot of uncertainty at the moment

Wow just were is the bottom of this going to end up


Can’t say I’m particularly happy about this constant drop every day. Where does this money go when it drops?


This stock scares me. It’s soo tempting to rebuy in the drops to drop my average for the glorious day 10 years from now when it shoots up… but the negative on my sheet looks horrendous.

Also couldn’t buy any this afternoon, kept getting rejected.


I’m same I really want to buy at 0.6 but makes me buy higher all the time. Will wait until next week and buy another £250

The great thing about maths and investing is that our other stocks can go up more than 100%. On this one we cant lose more than 100%, :grinning:

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So ok the last 3 days my freetrade app has just frozen until today. Now its saying I can’t buy any shares unless i upgrade. Looks like i will just put the odd change i have every other month into a jar. No im not tight, i just wanted what was offered to me Free Trading, because i don’t buy £100’s of shares a month & don’t need all the bells & whistles. Yes the plans are good value for money if you actually trade shares daily or weekly, but not if you only top up £5-£10 once or twice every other month :frowning:


Yeah I understand I pay the yearly rate reluctantly but I build it in with shares that have a big yield return on the money with dividends. If you search for them you’ll find them with up to 15% at a low price buy in too! I have several shares like this that bring me £200 plus in dividends which pay for this and also now and again buy double stock and sell to make profit to cover price for the year when it occurs. This way I can check everyday have fun watch the trades and enjoy looking forward to reading about lots of different stocks etc!

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Well im building up my dividend for the year so hopefully this it will cover costs plus some !
No money at the moment to top up in tm1 very frustrating

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This is my high dividend list that I’m following

U surely cant be getting that much in dividend for 100 £ sry no dollar sign???

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I’m just following them I haven’t bought any in the screen shot but they’re the high dividend returns I researched. I’ve no idea what they would return but I’ll invest and find out! When I get some more more cash

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So whent to buy a frw more shares in TM1 only to find ot is now behind a pay wall.
When did this happen and Why?

Not impressed…


Just posted the same in a new thread! Let’s get this discussed. #exclusivestock!?!?

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Sure it got mentioned about a month ago. Not sure why though