Telegraph fantasy fund

Is anyone doing this?

I noticed it in December and decided to set up a fund and try for fun. After an initial couple of changes (just threw it together then sorted it later) I’ve stuck with the same set of 5 stocks since.

My buy and hold investment trust strategy currently has me in 14th place :smile:

That’s not to brag or anything but it has made me greatly appreciate holding onto investmentments that you believe are good.

No doubt I could have done better being more active with it but I picked a set of stocks and have left it relatively untouched. I made a total
of 5 adjustments (replacing one stock when I sat down and decided what I actually wanted there) and have it touched it in over a month.

And who knows I may tumble down to 100th place in a week, but I’ve been consistently within the top hundred or so for a bit now with no changes to the fund.

There’s no real specific strategy to the weighting either FYI just what I felt at the time

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:open_mouth: Are you one of those people that writes down some lottery numbers and doesn’t buy a ticket just so that they can see how they would have done but without risking the £2 (or whatever they cost these days)?!

I think my nerves would be frayed if I did this!

To be fair, I’m also actually invested in most of these funds to some extent. So this is just me pushing that to a 5 stock limit version.

I thought I’d also be able to maximise the likelihood of a more favourable return with a lower effort by selecting trusts which are more diversified than single stocks (this competition only allows UK stocks not ETFs) and simply holding them for the duration of the competition.

There’s £10k up for grabs… though I’m unlikely to win it

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Well done @Eden (Eden Trusts, eh? :slight_smile: )

At one point I was in the top 500 but now dropped around 2800th place and it all went wrong when I started chopping and changing - I think I too was doing ok because for the first few weeks, I forgot about it so was buying and holding!

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: - rooting for you to pick up that £10k prize (weekly prizes of £100 also available)

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I was doing alright in the Daily Mail one until I crashed and burned in that one too:

I don’t have the info on what was in this one, except that Gamesworkshop was one of them!

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It’s almost a cheat. The trusts allow exposure to US stocks and worldwide and more than 5 stocks.

I don’t think I’d have had the time to look at tweak every morning to find the best performers. For picking a handful of trusts and just letting it roll… it’s been doing well.

But if fun as well, I want to see just how well you can do by doing… nothing.

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