Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk

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That episode of Invested someone linked was really interesting. Great listen.

Edit: Misremembered the show name.

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Can someone at Tesla not just turn his account off?

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Noo, it’s far too entertaining!

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But then we wouldn’t see his version of the most disturbing Teletubbies episode ever

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Edit: if I recall correctly Tesla’s share price increased significantly after the announcement of the Model 3 back in March 2016. I wonder if a similar price movement will happen this time with the announcement of the Model Y. I don’t own nor I’m considering to buy Tesla’s shares.

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Feel free to send me a message & we’ll figure this out together :smile:

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So Musk’s response is

In his filing on Monday, Mr Musk conceded that none of his tweets since the settlement through to February had been preapproved by lawyers at Tesla. But his attorneys argued that he had the right to make his own determination about whether his tweets contained material information.

None of his tweets had risen to the level of materiality, and therefore preapproval, Mr Musk’s lawyers added. This included the vehicle production tweets last month, which they called “shorthand gloss on and entirely consistent with prior public disclosures”.

quotes from the FT


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A Manhattan district judge will decide if Mr Musk is in contempt and whether he should be punished. The SEC said no hearing is necessary on the matter “because there appear to be no disputed issues of material fact.”

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Well that 3% kills my chances of getting one

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Yikes! less than 10 seconds from turning autopilot on to having a fatal accident



Would be interesting to compare fatal accidents TESLA autopilot vs human driver… I know these things get a lot of attention but I do believe that if you would make a comparative study – Tesla autopilot might be safer ?

I have no data to back this up and I am just ‘guessing’ but maybe someone else knows more.

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You would need to work it out per mile driven. There are many more accidents in human driven cars. But self driving cars are so rare that the number of accidents is bound to be low. This is the 4th person killed in a Tesla with Auto pilot turned on. With the low percentage of Teslas on the road that doesn’t fill me with confidence

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Low percentage indeed, but still a staggering 300,000 figure worldwide, probably significantly more by now.

Although I doubt that many drivers use autopilot out of those who own a Tesla, I still believe that in the next decade autopilot is more likely to become a regulated necessity (for safety reasons) as opposed to being a rarely used optional mode.

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Taking one of Elons ‘UBER’ might be like Russian Roulette … I am invested in Tesla btw and down about 30%

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I think you’ll get more aids like auto braking and stuff. but an actual full self driving mode I reckon is at least a decade away. Trouble is Elon seems to think Teslas will be running around as Robo taxis next year…