Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk


He often sounds like he’s losing his mind


More fun reading about an abusive workplace https://www.wired.com/story/elon-musk-tesla-life-inside-gigafactory

There are so many quotable bits in it but I think these are my favourites:

““People used to tell me to hunch down lower in my seat during meetings,” one former high-­ranking executive told me. “Elon reacted better to people when he was sitting higher than them.””

““He was always a mad genius, but he was about 95 percent genius and 5 percent mad.” That summer, possibly due to the breakup with Heard and the stress from the Model 3, the “ratio started to shift, and by the fall it was totally inverted.””

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I think Elon might be autistic, it would explain a few things about his social behaviour. I want to invest but each interview he does worries me

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:eyes: interesting choices

Theranos - Bad Blood :book:
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I’ve just been reading about the trash fire that was Theranos, which Ellison invested in, along with lots more big names, in Bad Blood. So that was the first thing that sprang to mind :sweat_smile: on balance I’d say Tesla’s probably a safer choice though!

Theranos - Bad Blood :book:
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A nice tweet to drive the point home..

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Pretty much non news about Tesla but a few things to watch for most notably the Model Y and the Chinese factory.
Need fractional Tesla shares please :grin:


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I guess that makes a bit more sense now..


image https://media.makeameme.org/created/1-billion.jpg

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I can’t find another newspaper that’s covered this (so sorry bout the paywall) but the title says it all really..

Investors think Musk’s Tesla made another pot joke

Electric car company sold debt with a minimum investment set at $420,000

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I would still personally invest in Tesla ESPECIALLY with Musk at the helm. Yes he’s different, spontanous and sometimes downright troublesome but he connects with younger generations on a level that frankly, no other CEO does. The fact he has such a presence on Twitter where he can tweet stuff related to anime while also posting pictures of space exploration and receiving huge respect and admiration is brilliant and second to none.

The best part is, he doesn’t do it for attention and I don’t believe he has ever done anything as a ‘stunt’. He’s raw and rough around the edges and most of all, he’s genuine.

A genuine person who makes screw ups who bets big and all of their personal wealth on a brighter future tells me all I need to know.

P.S Even recently he spoke to TFUE (Twitch streamer) about buying a Tesla and that interaction received millions of eyes. Young eyes, eyes like mine and others who look at a Tesla the same way some people who don’t like watches look at the Apple Watch.

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I wouldn’t invest, not because of Musk, but because I can’t see the justification for them having a market cap bigger than Ford and GM who sell millions of cars per year

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I think I would invest at a lower market cap (i.e. if they go down in price a bit), though it’s far from a sure thing, for these reasons:

  • Electric cars are the future - Tesla have a head start on batteries, charging network, software
  • Self-driving cars are the future - Tesla are collecting huge amounts of data there, and the software for it
  • Software will eat the world - Musk sees this, in a way that GM and Ford never will
  • Robotics and additive manufacturing is going to take over - Musk sees this, in a way that GM and Ford don’t
  • They’ve bypassed dealers, will be interesting to see how that works out, but it could work well
  • Musk is very good at selling a grand dream and inspiring employees to excel (even at their own personal cost), and customers to buy the dream - reminds me of Jobs in that respect

Downsides are lack of cash (probably no longer a problem), crazy experiments in manufacturing, lack of experience.

I’m not sure their current market cap is justified and was waiting for a bit more value before investing, but I do think they have the potential to grow to a very large transport company.

Does Tesla have a sustainable competitive advantage (yet)?
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There is potential, But too much of it is already priced in and I’m not convinced they’ll realise all of it

They need to become one of the biggest most successful companies in the world to justify the price they are at now

Incidentally Ford reckon they’ll have 40 Hybrid or full Electric models by 2022

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I would definitely like to own some shares of Tesla. I also like Elon Musk on the whole.

I, too, agree that electric cars, autonomous cars, everything Tesla does, is the future.

However, it would be a speculative position because this year was the first ever time they made a profit (I believe). Similarly, I also wouldn’t invest unless the price came down a fair bit!


I watched a video on YouTube today of a self-driving car. It was amazing and this kind of technology doesn’t seem too far away. The car was a standard petroleum car, it had a radar at the top of it, and there was an iPad displaying all the information on the dash. Obviously there would be more going on technology wise but it was a short video and that’s all I could see without them explaining much.

I’m more excited about that tech than the electric side if it.

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I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but I find it hard to believe that he just made a mistake here, after some of his comments after he did the deal with the SEC :sweat_smile: maybe I’m being too cynical?

Musk Faces U.S. Contempt Claim for Violating Accord With SEC - Bloomberg

These are the tweets -

& a few hours later..

so either he made an honest mistake or his lawyers checked the tweets after the fact & told him they weren’t ok.

Side note - it’s kind of crazy how long this thread’s been going, this seems to be happening a lot!