Tesla security analysis - Q3 2018

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I don’t think anyone wants to buy a car without seeing it in person

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They could just bring an example test drive car to the home of any potential customers for an hour or so for them to try. If the customer likes it they can then just order a new car via either the person whom is with the test drive car, or through the Tesla web site.

With everything now moving towards being brought to us at home/work, it kind of makes sense to do the same with something like a car. It sounded odd when I first heard about it, but the more that I think about it, the more that I think that this could work for them.


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Anyone have any shares in Tesla?

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Yep! :raising_hand_man:

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:raising_hand_man: Yes, I have some now. Not regretting it, yet…

I found the news on hitting the 35k price point interesting and important - that’s where they could really hit the mainstream car market which is far larger than their current market.

Suspect they have cut jobs and sales channels to hit that price point before the other car makers can compete. A bold bet.


I’ve been in one of the new Tesla’s and thought it was a fantastic car. However, I recently seen a BMW i3 and was blown away by it.

What troubles me when it comes to buying cars is how quickly the depreciate in value. A new BMW i3 is about £35k but you can pick up a model from 2016 and it’s around £18k. Half of the value is lost in the first 3 years. Given how quickly the value falls off I doubt I’d ever buy a new car.


Tesla depreciation performance is not too bad, especially considering the EV average so far.
You’re right though it makes far more sense to either lease or purchase 12-36 month old used.


Someone at Barclay’s has set a price target of $192. The share price is certainly coming down but quite a bit to go if its to reach those levels.

Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk

Have you seen this


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Here’s some more ‘FUD’ :wink:



Just read that analysis which was quite solid.

I think the <$200 targets are just a little…questionable (I am physically restraining myself typing that). Have to say that Tesla has pretty much a make or break year ahead of it, we’re seeing a mountain piling on right now with China, stores and the Crawley fire, SEC and profitability. If the Model Y reveal is even remotely close to “meh” I think I might be start getting ugly…

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As I mentioned, I think this is good news but changing course like this makes it seem like their strategy’s not that well thought out :cold_sweat:

Edit - maybe this is why:



I don’t even know what to think anymore lmao


Model Y is cheaper than I thought it would be, it also looks good, specs are nice as well.

They mention 15 minutes charge gets you 168 miles, this will be the next major competing point, especially since the Porsche Taycan can provide a 62 mile range in 4 minutes. Feels like Tesla might be headed in the wrong direction on pay per use for the chargers, when again Porsche will provide free charging points for 3 years.

Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk