The Bottom Line on Radio 4 📻

Evan Davis has a super interesting show on Radio 4 called the Bottom Line, which covers some of the current conservations taking place across different business sectors. Some of the guests are absolutely awesome for their insight and perspectives on the business landscape and the challenges and opportunities that present themselves. I always learn something new, and often gets the old noggincogs grinding.

Thought the community might appreciate this, as it covers a range of business related topics and it’s in an easily digestible podcast format, and as a side thought, it’d be great to see @adam or @viktor on the show sometime!


Great idea, also would be nice to see other members of the team participating in such events or podcasts, not solely Adam and Viktor.

I would be quite interested to hear Toby or Rob (now guess!) as well.


We’ll reach out.

Fully agree! We have a talented early team I learn something from every day.


There was a very good episode recently which had views from the passive investment side (Vanguard) and also the active management space (Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust). Really worth a listen, important points on the effect of compounding annual costs detracting from performance, but also the small number of companies that have actually driven growth and capital creation in the past (nicely balances the low cost that passive trackers can provide, with the potential outperformance active can generate if they select correctly).


I did one a little while ago with Freetrade’s Design Lead - @Freetrade_Team_Design :slight_smile:

Less about the investment side of things but instead the design thinking side and challenges therein.