The Hut Group - THG - Share Chat

We’re flying. Cant believe this was 32p about a month ago. Then again, cant believe it dropped from £8 to 32p.

Glad I DCAd to 78p.

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What do others see as the medium term prospects for THG?

Personally I think they will be ok, they may suffer a small bit due to the cost of living crisis but as they have said before they are good at adjusting the prices of items based on the commodity prices and they are an online business so cost wise will be good the only thing that will now have to be factored in is the business rates revalidation’s which is expected to hit warehouses a bit more than retail stores.

I am seeing this personally as a decent hold for a year or two and recently it has had a decent uptick in the share price over the last couple of months.

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Should be a very interesting few days for this one, hoping the upward trend continues! But we shall see

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DOH. The upward trend has been cured. :crossed_fingers:for next time.