The Trade Desk (TTD)

Please add TTD the trade desk to the list of American stocks

Giving this a bump - trade desk has moved themselves into competition with the big guns Google & AppNexus for media ad space in the last few years. Not one for dividend payouts but one with great growth potential.


Re-bump really hope to see this one!

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Would also love to see The Trade Desk here.


There’s a lot of hype over The trade desk atm would be really great if we could buy it on the platform.

What is the hype about?

Any update


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The Trade Desk Inc is a global technology company that markets a software platform used by digital ad buyers to purchase data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various ad formats and devices.

Definitely got my vote. Huge potential!

Agreed. Would be great to have this on the platform… I’ll definitely be investing. If this means finding an alternative platform for this investment, then so be it.

Is there anyway to check the status on this to see if Freetrade has acknowledged this thread?

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The internet has turned the advertising industry on its head. Before, marketers mostly bought ad space on print media, radio, and television. Today, internet advertising has largely supplanted print media and radio. The reason is simple: advertisers have a much better idea of who sees their ads online than they do anywhere else. That’s because companies like The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) can analyze online behavior to accurately identify a person’s interests.

Is there a possibility to add this stock to the platform as I believe it’s moments away from share price blowing up?

There is a thread already on this. But, yes, can we please have this ASAP?

Great - Thanks for this. Would be great to have this stock on the platform.

The Trade Desk, Inc. is a technology company. The Company provides a self-service platform that enables clients to purchase and manage digital advertising campaigns across various advertising formats, including display, video and social, and on a range of devices, including computers, mobile devices and connected television. Its platform enables a media planner or buyer at an advertising agency to purchase digital media programmatically on various media exchanges and sell-side platforms; acquire and use third-party data to optimize and measure digital advertising campaigns; deploy their, or their client’s, own first-party data in order to optimize campaign efficacy; link digital campaigns to offline sales results or other business objectives; access other services, such as its data management platform and publisher management platform marketplace, and use its user interface and application programming interfaces (APIs) to build their own technology on top of the Company’s platform.

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Can you add Trade Desk Inc (TTD) and International Consolidated Airlns Grp (IAG) to Freetrade?

Got my vote.

Is this one of the stocks that will be added soon?

Retention is the growth! The Trade Desk’s retention rate has exceeded 95% for 24 straight quarters and their addressable market is huge. We need this stock. How many votes does a request need before a new stock is introduced?


Bump !