Thomas Cook - TCG

Add this stock please
Low but with Chinese investors may go up

TCG was available previously but no longer.

Bit more info here: Why TCG stock was removed?


Thanks for your reply I didn’t know this.

New owners of Thomas Cook are a :cn: conglomerate, listed in HK as SEHK:656, have a stake in Cirque du Soleil, own Club Med, are rated “junk” (Ba2, below investment grade) by Moody’s. The History section on its Wikipedia page is :roll_eyes:. This article from June 2019 by Bloomberg though about loads of buying and debt and stuff :eyes:.

Moody’s rating agency said in March 2019 that the following constrains affected the Ba2 rating:

(1) high investment appetite, (2) modest liquidity profile and weak interest coverage at the holding company level, (3) moderate credit contagion risk from investees, and (4) complicated organizational structure.

If you have done any kind of credit analysis, you’d know the credit health of the parent is important, the significant of the subsidiary (Thomas Cook) to the parent - also important, especially if the topco has to delever/reduce debt and sell it off.

So I’d advise to always do due diligence from the bottom to the top here and in other cases.

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