Total Cost of Investment

I don’t think I’ve ever requested anything of the app as it does pretty much everything I need and not sure if it’s been requested previously, but today, I noticed something which the HL app has which the Freetrade app doesn’t and that’s a ‘Total Cost’ (of what I paid for my investment).

So with Freetrade, we have:

  • Current Value
  • No of shares
  • Avg. price per share
  • Investment gain/loss

I guess I could deduct/add the investment gain/loss to the current value to get an estimate of what I paid but it would be useful to know exactly what I paid, without having to go through statements/transactions.

That’s interesting. I’d love to be able to see a total cost of ownership, including things which are additional to TERs such as FX fees, taxes, spread, transaction costs and tracking error. How doable that is, I don’t know.


HL total costs include purchase price, tax and I would assume fees. Then it tells what you would get if you sell IE based on the sell price not middle price, this equals accurate.

But no pretty and useful (if you are winning) graphs.
So if you sell something for a profit and buy something else it doesn’t not take into account the original profit.

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I agree with @weenie.
Currently I do the same and scroll down through statement and transactions it’s a bit of a ball ache to be fair. This is one of those better ideas so far

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At the risk of sounding negative, FT can’t get average cost per share right so I wouldn’t hold your breath on Total Cost.