Trader Joes

Can you please add trader joe to the available shares?

Trader Joe is part of the German Aldi Group, which is not public and can’t be invested in.

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Bummer!! Thanks for letting me know!!

Have a good Sunday!

No worries. You too! :slight_smile:

I hadn’t heard of them and had to check them out on Wikipedia. The company DID NOT handle the recent accusations of racism well at all. I thought Aldi were more clued up than that.

“we disagree that any of these labels are racist. We do not make decisions based on petitions.”’s#Controversial_international_food_branding

Are there any UK discounters that people can invest in? B&M and Home Bargains are private as far as I know, Bookers Cash & Carry is Tesco and whilst Costco is listed, there aren’t many of them.

B&M (BME) are in the FTSE250

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