Trades not available on freetrade

I recently upgraded to Pro because I have started to get in to investing, but it seems that almost all of the companies I am interested in investing in are not available on freetrade (unless I’m doing something wrong?).

There is a lot of talk by investors on YouTube at the moment about the following stocks:

Alset home International ($AEI)
Zomedica ($ZOM)
Senseonics ($SENS)
US antimony Corp ($UAMY)
Attosa Therapeutics ($ATOS)
Torchlight Energy ($TRCH)

and loads more…

Is there a reason that most trading apps have these available but freetrade don’t bother with them?

I would cancel my Pro subscription because it doesn’t seem worth it when there is so many stocks that aren’t available but I’m having trouble signing up with other sites atm (trading212 for example is not allowing new signups at the moment).

UAM, SENS and ZOM are are on the NYSE American. I don’t think freetrade have access to this exchange yet (not to be confused with NYSE)

AEI is an Australian company and freetrade doesn’t have the ASX exchange available yet (Europe is their next move)

The others you can request Freetrade New Stock Request Form

Most other brokers have been around for decades and have built up their exchange availability, or in some other cases they pass off trades to a third party broker.

If you do look to open an account be sure to read the terms. they’re non standard.