Transfer "Unsettled cash" from General Accounts in to ISAs

At present, I am currently waiting for “Unsettled cash” in my general trading account to become withdrawable (having sold some shares in NIO).

I still have the ability to use that cash to buy shares instantly within my general trading account.

My plan is to transfer the money out of the general account and straight into my Freetrade ISA.

As the money is staying “within” Freetrade, a much better UX would be to allow me to transfer funds from my General account, directly into my ISA account. Rather than having to wait daysss for the cash to become withdrawable, then however long it takes for the money to make its way into my bank account, after withdrawing.

Please consider this improvement,


I believe you can ask FT directly to move the cash from GIA to ISA for you, rather than withdraw/re-deposit, although I don’t know what the rules may be about unsettled cash being moved.

Ideally a function to do this in-app would be best, of course.

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Once the cash has settled in your GIA you can email ft with the exact amount of money you want to move to your ISA and they’ll do it for you. You just need to include your date of birth in that email.

Thanks for the feedback @tbutz and @Lyndhurst76 - having to email FT at any stage is less than ideal :slight_smile:

Having a full in-app experience is the way to go!

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