Transferring shares?

Hopefully the right place to ask, I have some Ryanair shared trapped in a Halifax Share Dealing account - Halifax no longer trade in euros so I can’t sell them and need to move them. Is possible to move them over to a Freetrade account?

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I don’t believe that Freetrade offer in spec/whatever the term is transfers. In other words, I think you can only transfer cash. Someone else on the forum might know better than me, though.

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I have successfully transferred shares from HL to FT in an ISA
I was told you can only do this in SS ISA, not non-ISA share accounts

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FT don’t have Ryanair in Euros either… they have the US listing which is a different ticker. You can only transfer between ISAs with FT too.

Halifax can’t not sell them if that’s what you want to do, you may have to call them but they will do it - there’s no mention of them not allowing them to be bought/sold on their page -


Thanks to all for responses - I had emailed in response to my welcome email and was told its not possible yet.

I had spoken to HSDL previously when they didn’t close the account - quite brutal in terms of they couldn’t sell and I needed to find a new home for them. Am complete amateur so grateful for all advice!!!