Transferring stocks from Equiniti

(Andy) #1

I was looking for a little advice.

I recently invested in Funding Circle IPO (still moderately happy with my decision and in it for the long haul) but I chose Equiniti to fund the purchase. I have just been informed they charge a £24 yearly custody fee. I was totally unaware and would not have gone with Equiniti if I had seen these fees. £24 a year will be much more than growth and dividends.

I did use Equiniti for the Royal Mail IPO and have never paid a custody fee, which is why this has come as a surprise.

Is there any way of transferring my holdings from Equiniti to somewhere else with lower fees?

(Ashley Quint) #2

I would be interested in this too…

(Andy) #3

After doing a bit of research I’m transferring to Hargreaves Lansdown. There’s no fees for holding shares or foe inactivity. Massively beats Equiniti’s £24 a year fee for doing nothing at all.