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Are you holding @Big-g ?

Nah, I can’t help aid a free speech platform that doesn’t allow you to speak freely about the platform. :rofl: I think there is money to be made as it is going to be a meme stock to certain people but it will only be a matter of time before people end up holding the bag. Trump has a massive history of enriching himself at the expense of his followers and this is just the latest con job.


Yeah Truth - But Keep Your Trap Shut - Social
… Freedom of speech at its best.

Its been and gone, I’d be shocked to see another rally on this … So many more worthy stocks!

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Trump is too cheap to invest to go to war with the tech giants :rofl:

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Oh boy really hope no-one here got/gets burnt on this.

This platform will no doubt make a core of Trump fans very, very happy, and equally will no doubt be heavily monetized from day one, so I happen to understand the bullishness of those who actually support it. I simply disagree with them on its prospects.

The irony is that success would be bad news for them. The reason Trump got 232 electoral votes and that the margin of victory in the states that put Biden over the top was relatively narrow, was not the size of Trump’s base. It was the ability of the campaign to convince people who couldn’t stand him that he was the lesser of two evils; that what they didn’t like about Trump didn’t affect them directly, but that what they didn’t like about Biden/Harris would. A platform like this doesn’t help them do that; very much the opposite.


Don’t believe it until I see the money spent but interesting none the less.

Trump social media company claims to raise $1bn from investors | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Amazing that the slide documenting their non-existent infra is just someone copy pasting google results for definitions. Based on everything else I’ve seen I’d wager that they did not use keyboard shortcuts to do so.


This article had me in stitches especially the comment

In a series of posts late on Friday, a verified account for the network’s chief product officer, listed as Billy B, answered questions on the app from people invited to use it during its test phase.

Notorious liar Trump has a Truth media app with a CPO called Billy B(ulls$%£) :rofl: :rofl: Beta testing of a whole week, what could go wrong? :man_facepalming:


Such a pessimistic view @Big-g had you considered that they didn’t need much testing because they’re amazing and got it right first time? s/


:rofl: :rofl: No that didn’t enter my mind. I am sure they won’t ever fall foul of regulations bearing in mind the track record of the Donald. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i bought some a few days ago and i am proud of myself. # FreedomAintFree

bad news for my portfolio. plan B is: “ If you currently own stock or options in Digital World Acquisition Corp. and suffered a loss, [click here to participate]l”

Something with the trump name, being found out to be dodgy!? Surely not!! :wink:


Trump running again?

Back in the news this year, the deal to acquire Trump Media & Technology has just been voted through by shareholders.

All SPACs are complete jokes and there will be lots of bag holders even though the price has doubled this year. Trump Media, which is largely just the Truth Social twitter clone is a dead man walking, given that twitter itself now openly allows hate speech. Even if Trump wins the election this year, I don’t see how this company is worth anything.


According to the filing, Trump Media reported sales of just over $4 million as net losses reached nearly $60 million for the full year ending Dec. 31. The company warned it expects losses to continue amid greater profitability challenges.