Trump V China

This has been coming for some time. Thank God I am Xiaomi user :laughing: Huawei cannot seem to shake this 5G spygate issue. A shame, they produce some good tech, but there must be some substance in the claims.

To be honest, I think some are naive if they think our data is not being collected by a number of parties, not just the Chinese. It is believed that some of the worst culprits for spying in Britain are it’s closest allies!

On a side note, Chinese tech will only continue to grow. I am closely watching companies like mobvoi who have recently received a cash injection from Google. One to watch when they IPO (which is coming).

Does it dissuade me from buying Chinese tech, nah! Will it stop me from making investments in Chinese companies, nope!:cn:

It’s more serious than Huawei, they’ve dragged the pandas into it now :cold_sweat: :panda_face:


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Trump at it again buy the dips my portfolio doesn’t look good this morning buying opportunity or just the start of a bigger dip

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Nah I don’t think it’ll be worse. I think trumps using this to push the fed into more aggressive rate cuts. Funny how he tweets just after the disappointment with 0.25% cut. Hey at least my PINS shares are set to rise in my folio this afternoon up 17% :grinning:

I am down over 2%! Biggest loss ever for me!

Be glad it’s not more than that.


What is yours?

How long could it take to recover these loses? A day, like the losses?

It could never recover. It feels like you should read more about investing in general, if you are bothered by daily changes. Checking for daily changes is the fastest way to burn your money.

Don’t panic over 2%

If there’s a proper bear market stocks could fall 20% or more, it’s happened before. If you are a short term trader you need to recognise the signs before something like this happens and take action.

If you are in it for the long term don’t panic and use any downturns to buy more quality companies that are certain to survive, The market has always recovered in the past and gone on to new highs. The likelihood is that it will continue to do so in the future

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It’s already recovering stay calm :grinning::joy:

This guy nearly gave me a heart attack when I look at my portfolio. I am doing long term investment so hope it all goes up!

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I suspect the stock prices will go a bit lower, doesn’t help that there is a major economic slowdown worldwide. The 0.25 rate cut by the fed was disappointing, followed by the upcoming tariffs trump has decided to add. I’m going to wait for the prices to starting recoving and then buy more shares. Going to avoid catching a falling knife but it’s a good opportunity to average down my costs further.

The trade war is the biggest waste of money in the global economy right now.

Only last week, I thought the worst of it was over, and increased my stake in Alibaba, TSMC, and Tencent. Whoops.

Leave Campaign:


I lost around 30% on shares with Barr.

It will take some time for it to recover, it definitely won’t recover in a day or two - you need to do more research on investments, if you are feeling down on a 2% drop then maybe investing isn’t for you.

Share prices can dip anytime, for them to recover, it takes a while.

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I guess till you experience this kinda loss you don’t know what it’s like!


Yeah webjaved is right. You can’t get too emotionally hung up on these sort of things. I’m down about £130 today. But I’m in it for the long run. Fluctuations like this don’t get my hung up too badly.


Phase one today :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Well it looks like the UK defied Trump with today’s decision.

Very interesting. I’m just hoping for much faster mobile connectivity speeds tbh.