TSB shares?


Around 20-25 years ago, my grandfather purchased TSB shares for me. Well, i think they were TSB. But i recall something happeneing and my shares getting changed over to Lloyds.

Can anyone shed some light for me? I was only a child, so did not really have any interest at that age.


TSB merged with LLoyds in the 90s, to become Lloyds TSB. This is when the shares would have been turned into Lloyds TSB shares.

Since then TSB has been split off from Lloyds to run as a independent bank. After this it was acquired by Banco Sabadell. I read Banco Sabadell might sell TSB again.

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TSB’s history of ownership… TSB Bank (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia.

You’d guess that you have shares in Lloyds Banking Group.

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