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I am concerned that there are further funding rounds on the way (which seems to be hinted at in the article I have attached) and based on how the stock price reacted to the last funding announcement I am expecting further significant dips to the stock price. The rest of the article just leaves me with overall concern.

Hmmm, two buy orders have been rejected. I still have faith they will raise the funds required.

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Ridiculous isn’t it… What’s 5 million these days?
Where is the government?.. Where is common sense? Ten years down to the line it will be " why are Tungsten prices so high? Why the shortage?"
Surely someone must be considering throwing money at this for a big chunk of shares… Isn’t like anything that will be produced there will ever not be in demand


A further update in the Plymouth Herald yesterday Tungsten West needs £65m for Plymouth mine to open by 2025 - Plymouth Live

I wonder what’s causing the permit delays?

I know theyre going to higher court to get someone of a bit of land so could be something to do with that xx

There was a news report last night. There is local resistance to the number of vehicles in and out of the site. Tungsten west want the restrictions to the amount they can remove from the site lifting and claim this will not increase the number of vehcle movements.

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Nimbys showing their teeth.

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Appointment of some heavyweight non executive Directors earlier this month Tungsten West announces board appointments - Business Live

They always moan about the lorries and its only like 4 miles they use so dont take up to muchnof your time x

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Come (or should that be ‘Dig’?) all yee faithful…some good news about latest permits here: Mining firm Tungsten West announces loan update - Business Live

Draft permit given. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/1040122/tungsten-west-receives-draft-permit-for-devon-mine-1040122.html

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This sounds like a nice speculative investment, ahead of EA’s decision. Almost bet-like.