UK REITs in ISAs 🇬🇧

I’m wondering if this will become part of the alpha package? As they’ve stopped mentioning it and have removed it from their site.

Thanks Lee, I will keep then looking other brokers as so I cannot buy USA REITs like O, SPG in my ISA account.

Still no news on this?

We’re adding a high number of US REITs, and they will be available in your ISA.

For UK REITs, we need to do more work, and we’re discussing the right approach to implement. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update. US REITs is great news, Simon Property Group I’ve been wanting to invest in for a while.

I can confirm that one is coming too, Anders!


Viktor, are you able to confirm why the UK reits can’t be added? Even if there is more work to be done to reclaim the 20% withheld, could users not benefit from at least receiving the other 80% tax-free rather than subject to GIA rates?

They recently just added the REIT £LMP which strangely CAN be bought inside of the ISA, so it seems odd to me that all of the others are still non-ISA.

They have taken it out now , so now I can’t add to my position inside my ISA

There are several UK REITs on the platform that seem to still be available in ISAs. I won’t say which as whenever I do they seem to remove them silently rather than address what’s happening regarding ISA eligibility.

It’s frustrating as it shows it can be done - so why is it constant radio silence whenever this question gets asked?

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Any news on this?

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I’ve not looked into the tax issues with REITs and been browsing the forums to find a good explanation but struggling to find a decent thread. Does anyone have a good link?

I am interested in buying some but TBH it is an area I haven’t ever thought about yet.

@Viktor do you have a timeline on this please? I could hold REITs in ISAs with both IG & Interactive Investor and receive gross dividends.

As a plus member with an ISA I would like to see this very soon as I am loosing 20% by having to hold these in a FreeTrade GIA, thanks


Same for the SIPP too - I’d love a small holding of £BYG


@Viktor it’s been a year now since your last update that this was being looked into. Any update on the timeline for this or if it will ever happen?


I have bought 21 Shs of £ASLI in an ISA also.

Hi everyone :ocean: I’ve made this into a feature request as it us the most developed open thread in the topic. If you’re interested in seeing this added then please vote at the top and comment

@fire2045 @RumNCoke @Bailey2k4 @spearear @Raul @Big-g @WiIson @Ad4m @xeneize @Anders @Carloss @Britishj @D.T @KingKalmar @Jmowforth

@Viktor @Duncan Is you have time to update the community on this feature. Does it require anything specifically to the tricky or is it’s just a victim of having to prioritise. When this feature is added can it be rolled out across the SIPP too? Thanks :ok_hand:



Voted … I need a home for my holding of Segro currently in GIA. I’m also interested in Urban Logistics £SHED … Which has a discussion page but isn’t yet in the app :roll_eyes:

But yes, REITS in ISA & SIPP :+1:


VOTED! Thank you!

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