Unable to update payment (card) details on Basic Plan

I am encountering a curious issue with my Freetrade account, where I have no visible option to update my card details.

A bit of context, I used to be on the Plus plan, but later downgraded to the Basic plan. I now want to upgrade my plan to Plus again, but the original card I used for my Plus subscription has since expired. However, there is no visible option in my app to change my card details for plan payments. Whenever I navigate to the upgrade screen, the app automatically chooses my expired card as the payment method, and there is no option for me to change it. Similarly, navigating to my Profile, or Account settings, there is no option for me to change, remove or add card details at all!

So I am stuck in this sort of limbo where I desperately want to upgrade my Plan, but I am being soft-locked and prevented from doing so by this apparent glitch or issue. I have cleared my cache and storage, uninstalled and reinstalled the app - all to no avail.

I have also scoured this forum and the Help section on the Freetrade site for answers, but I cannot find any other instances of people encountering this same problem.

Any guidance or help anyone can offer would be great!

Have you tried upgrading with your expired card details first and then editing it after?

I wonder if there’s a stage missing that never considered this use case. But if you are on a plan you can edit your payment method.

@acamp can someone help this person give you money? :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I have indeed tried that method - upgrading via expired card details. Once I do so, I am greeted with the screen/card confirming my Plus subscription, however upon inspecting my Profile/Account Details, I am still listed as being on the Basic Plan, I have not been charged and so go back to square 1 of not being able to edit my card details due to that option being hidden behind the ‘Manage your Plan’ button which - as a basic member - doesn’t exist, and instead the only option is ‘Upgrade Your Plan’ and takes me straight to the upgrade screen!

@acamp just highlighting again

@iskorusmaximus have you contacted support?

Yep, I have contacted support several times with little success. I have had three or four conversations with various support agents and not really got anywhere. I am currently in an open conversation with support, again, but have yet to hear back and figured it might be helpful to post about this problem here as well - in the hopes it may provide answers or expedite the process of sorting this issue out.

It does seem like it might be a bug (which might be worth mentioning in the support chat) where this particular flow has been missed.

In the mean time I’ll just keep spamming @acamp :sweat_smile:

My partner had this bug and it turned out they hadnt updated the app.

That is the impression I’m getting! My ongoing support chat got back to me today - however, their answer was that I need to upgrade to Standard or Plus to change my card details. As I have explained (both here and to all support agents I have spoken to), this is an impossibility due to (1) subscriptions fees only being payable via card, and (2) the card currently attached to my account being expired, thus any upgrade I try to make doesn’t actually go through due to it being impossible for money to be taken from an expired card.

I appreciate the (friendly) spamming! I just want to give you my money @acamp !

My app is fully up-to-date, version 1.0.36513 - 16th June 2023.

Appreciate the patient spamming :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Let me look into this and see what’s going on. I did see this thread flag by one of our engineers a few days back so I had thought we were working on a solution.


Hi FreeTrade!!

Please get this sorted asap - I want to upgrade my account and there is no way to update my card payment details in app.

My old card expired and you didn’t have a way in app to update this.

I can get your Customer Support bot to help with the right answer either, and VERY FRUSTRATINGLY I can’t get through at a human to get it sorted!

I really want to buy a bunch of stocks but can’t.

Please email or contact me as soon as sorted - getting revenue should be your biggest priority!!!


I have this issue too, tried emailing i get no response , messaging in app doesn’t get responded too, i don’t know what to do.

Just realised you have to be a plus member to update basic address and payment details in-app. This must surely be a wind up?

Hey @decoratedwolves - yes you can update your address in the app as a basic customer. Details on how to do this are here: I want to update my address | Support

In terms of payment details, do you mean changing your linked bank account to make deposits to your FT account? If that’s the case, there’s more detail here: I want to change my linked bank account | Support

Hope that helps!

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Hey Alex, thanks for getting back to me.
I had already followed those steps for both address change and linked bank account. However, after sending the information it states it will take 2/3 working days for my address to change over and the same.for someone to get back to me regarding wanting to change my linked card. All a bit frustrating unfortunately.

Hey @decoratedwolves

I appreciate that.

With your address and linked account, we need to complete checks that are in place to protect customers. While we guide two to three working days, the team often gets to this a lot quicker. This is also functionality we want to build into the app (accounting for these checks) to let customers self-serve.

Sorry that things didn’t go as smoothly as they should this time around.


No worries. Thanks for getting back to me anyway.