Unable To Change Payment Card On Basic Plan


I previously has the Standard plan but went back to basic a few months ago. I want to go back to standard now but the card I had previously used has since expired. I have looked absolutely everywhere on your app to try and update my card but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible. It seems strange the app is missing such a basic feature.

How can I get this sorted ASAP?

Hey @freddieerg

Thanks for reaching out. You can update your card details once your Standard subscription is active.

If you go through the flow to upgrade first, then you can follow these steps to update your card details for payment.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and we can investigate.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting back. This has now been resolved through support, but they had to manually put me on the Standard subscription themselves, any time I tried to do it before this, I was seeing no option to change my card. It was forcing me to use the expired card, and of course then declining each time I tried to activate the subscription. With support I was able to confirm with them that in the state my account was in, there was no way for me to change the payment card.

It would be great for others in a similar position if there was an ability to update or remove a card whilst on the free plan, otherwise it seems there is no solution that doesn’t require customer support intervention.


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Thanks for the update and feedback. I’ll share it with the subscriptions team.