Changes to Terms and Conditions from 10th August

can someone explain to me how the fees will change?

I’m persuming you have read the changes in the terms and conditions, what part didn’t you understand?

I’m no expect but can try and help.

I didn’t know anything about the changes. Where are they outlined?

It’s most likely just adjustments for the alpha/plus account and/or limit orders.

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If you open the app you will have a message, or you can’t find it by clicking on the chat with us button.

There is a link to both the new and old T&C at the bottom of that message. The T&C that have changed are numbered so you can find them easier.

It’s all about the new plus account

Yes I read it but its not very clear about any price changes and no dates when the Alpha be available?

It is mainly around top ups (now can be done through TrueLayer linking you straight to your own account) and additional terms and conditions for the new ‘worked’ orders. See points 15 and 22 in the T&Cs.

Seems like ISA will be included in Plus.

Do you think the message points to the ‘main’ changes because there’s other changes they would rather not have to point to?

Im more than happy to pay extra charges as long its reasonable unlike the other brokers. Freetrade needs to be successful.


Unless the T&Cs and Execution Policy are published in non-revisable (pdf) format (and a key changes pdf would be polite and read) then it does not constitute a valid new contract, because they could alter the web page at any time. Hold out for pdfs, save them in case of …

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I found the change in 6.2 interesting:

6.2 Ability to sell your Securities to recover our fees
If the amount of your available funds is insufficient to cover any fees that you owe us, for example the Plus fee

Earlier they state a card will be required for paying subscription, so presumably this is an option of last resort but it would be nice to have that confirmed. i.e. I lose my card on friday, freeze it. Payment is attempted Monday before delivery of new card, bounces. Do they sell some of my securities on that first bounce? or third? or tenth? etc Standard practice to be fair, but I like to understand the risk - because the unforeseen normally happens eventually.


Losing your bank card and freezing doesn’t stop subscriptions to gym etc its only pin number / long number and 3 digits back of card that changes unless im wrong.

It’s only if you don’t have money in your Bank account then that is the problem.

You are thinking of direct debits - freezing your card definitely stops card payments.

Ft are referencing card payments not DD

Either way, thats addressing the example rather then the point I was making.

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