Links to new September 2021 T&C and Other documents?

I got the notification on my Freetrade app of the new T&Cs and other changes coming in September 2021. I want to read them in full, but the links to the PDFs when opened on my phone are difficult to read due to the size.

Does anyone have the full links to the various documents so we can read them on the computer or print them out for reading.

Thanks in advance,

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I’ve been able to extract them and send them to myself now.
For reference for others here they are:

Terms & Conditions - Version 1.7, September 2021

Freetrade Limited policy and terms amendments - September 2021


Order Execution Policy - Version 2.4, September 2021

ISA Terms Version 1.5 – September 2021


Can anyone summarise any actual changes which will make a difference to us?

Looks like we’re getting very close to the launch of European markets.

Orders in EU listed instruments
Orders in EU listed instruments are passed through our EU order routing system, and
directed to one of the EU trading venues we are connected to. The trading venue that your
order is directed to is determined by the type of order you place and the location of the
primary listing of the instrument you are looking to buy or sell. Orders are placed on the
selected trading venue’s order book and execute directly with other venue participants. The
trading venues we send orders to have pricing controls in place to ensure orders execute in
line with market prices.
There may be instances where your order is rejected, for example if there is no liquidity in
the instrument you are looking to trade, or if the price available is not in line with wider
market prices.


If you go to your Profile, then contact us, there should be the message from Rob you can reread whenever you want.

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