Will founding members get their fees back eventually?

I believe we are meant to get free instant trades and free ISA - will we get the fees back?

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Edit: free instant trades on the US securities only.

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Free instant trades?

Exactly those. Even this will be sorted, @stephen :wink:

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Interesting … :+1:

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Hey :wave: I just checked the pitch again and I don’t see free instant trades. What did I miss?

P.S. not bemoaning free instant trades, if anything they’ll let me go wild with the ”single ETF” day trading strategy :nerd_face:

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You do not get instant trades, but you get a lifetime Alpha. It entails instant trades and ISA for free forever.

Edit: and I just realised that I keep thinking about the US securities when talking about free instant trades… So you will only get 50p back :grimacing:


Thanks. Wonder if the US stocks to start with will just the charge the “FX – Interbank rate + 0.5%” or this and the £1 fee until Alpha launches.

Curious how the free instant trade rumour started.

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I believe it will be both initially, with a subsequent fee refund for the eligible investors.

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But Alex didn’t say free instant on US only in the linked post, he said free instant.

Monzo have done debit cards with the word investor on in previous rounds but this one will be huge so not sure if they’ll do that this time. And they don’t do socks. We’ll know all in 2 days

Are Alpha benefits transferable if you buy Freetrade shares from someone?

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I don’t have Monzo account, to take part in next round do I have get one?

I think it is through the app so probably. They should be announcing soon.

Takes a few minutes to do so no reason not to really.