Problems upgrading to Freetrade Plus

I added the card details but then it won’t let me add the card. Anybody else having the same issue?

Does this mean, I will just have to wait till tomorrow morning to be able to upgrade to Plus? Have got the same problem, with not being able to add the card for Plus membership

I’ve been trying to upgrade for a couple of days. After I’ve entered my card details the ‘add card’ button is still not clickable. Did you resolve your issue?

No, still waiting for further information

Hi all - thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the inconvenience here :pray:

We’re currently working on improving this form for adding a card since we’re finding that entering a 4-digit expiry year isn’t very intuitive.

If you’re still having trouble after trying with that longer expiry year, please let me know and I’ll look into it for you.

Wishing to take advantage of the SIPP, I am trying to upgrade to the Plus plan through the App.I get through to accepting the ‘terms and conditions’ ticking the box, but the ‘Complete upgrade’ button remains grayed out.

Am I doing something wrong?

Were you previously a plus member but cancelled?

No, I was paying for an ISA only. So I think I am currently a ‘standard’ member.

In my account settings - Manage plan
Although I’m on the standard plan, oddly there is a setting to ‘re-activate your standard plan’ in the plan settings.

Do I need to do this before I can upgrade. Perhaps there is a glitch due to the recent plan changes?

@sampoullain can you advice?

I’m having exactly the same issue. Emailed support yesterday and awaiting a reply.
Was an ISA user, auto-upgraded to new Standard plan and now trying to upgrade to Plus.
Running v1.0.27885 on Android.

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@Damon please can you help the folks above @Rayrob @Vincent and @kjmetals?

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Hi @Rayrob and @kjmetals; I’ve direct messaged you both for more details so that we can look into the cause. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

@Vincent; please could you confirm whether you’re experiencing a similar issue, or just being helpful!


Trying to be helpful, no issues with me.

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I have this problem too. Getting nothing from support either :unamused:

I was ISA user also auto-upgraded to Standard - now trying to upgrade to Plus button the button can’t be clicked :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks for posting @richst and hopefully your next post here will be won’t be about a bug.

@Damon can you help?

Hello community I am wondering if anyone else has faced this issue.

I am trying to upgrade to Plus.

I get through several screens but stuck at “COMPLETE UPGRADE” purple button at the bottom because the button is greyed out.

I have submitted a support email 3 days ago no response.

I’m on a Pixel 6 Android 12.

Thanks for any tips in advance.


Hi @gkrjack

This is something that has come up before. Let’s see if @Damon can help.


For the benefit of the group, here is the response from support I received today:

"Throughout your 60 day grandfathering period (from 28th July 2022), you will unfortunately not be able to upgrade to the Plus plan in-app. We’re really sorry for any disappointment here.:disappointed_relieved:

Please be assured our engineers are aware of this, and are actively working on a resolution so you’re able to upgrade sooner than this! :rocket:

I will list this on file in order to reach out to you directly and let you know when you’re able to upgrade to our Plus plan!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime."


thanks @Rayrob for sharing

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