Update on US stocks

(Emma) #86

Will support and topping up processing hours be extended in line with this later trading time?

(Alex Sherwood) #87

Yes, we’ll update the pricing info on our site soon.

We consider every #ideas that’s suggested :wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #88

Lovely :slight_smile:

Ouch, completely forgot. People, make sure to vote! :sweat_smile:

(Chris Patten-Walker) #89

Agree same here. It just feels like most projects are too early for adoption.

(R) #90

Can’t wait to get hand virtual hands on these US stocks. Hopefully it’s not too much longer.

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(Richard varga) #92

I thought only the big cats got to trade after hours!.. Earning reports would way more exciting if we could trade them as they are released (always after market close) haha :smiley:

(Vladislav Kozub) #93

It doesn’t seem to be unusual to trade during after hours, even the second world countries’ brokers allow that (known from personal experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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(Richard varga) #95

I’ve always thought it was super exspensive to trade after hours so unless you were going in with thousands it was pointless, that being said, I haven’t actively looked for brokers which offer it!
P.s I’m super jealous of everyone who’s had US stocks activated today haha!

(JD79) #96

Hi will US stock prices be live or will they have a 15 minute time delay?


(Alex Sherwood) #97

It’s live :zap: we’re using IEX as our data source for US stocks. They have a pretty cool website with some stats about volumes etc. & stock prices.


The pending label is gone on US stocks, does this mean I can buy them?

(Georgi) #99

I am not sure I understand a 100% are the US stocks actually on the app now or not yet? I still don’t have them on my app.

(Emma) #100

Possibly, it is rolling out. Do you have the W8BEN on your profile page?

(Rob N) #101

US stocks are being tested by 60 or so people this week, I think everyone else should have access next week. It’s best to update the app to the latest version before then.


Can’t see it - so probably not ready for me yet


It’ll be in the account section if it’s enabled.

(Alex Sherwood) #104


(Jonny) #105

Maybe I’m reading too much into one emoji but are you rolling out the W8BEN gradually? :star_struck: