Update on US stocks

ETF :grinning:??? Dam 20 characters

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Yup, iShares global etf

Wahoo I own a handful

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I own 10% of 1 share haha!

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Has it changed from 0.5%?

Also, would you consider opening the US shares for premarket and after hours purchasing too? That is from 9 am until 1 am GMT.


Will support and topping up processing hours be extended in line with this later trading time?

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Yes, we’ll update the pricing info on our site soon.

We consider every Ideas :bulb: that’s suggested :wink:


Lovely :slight_smile:

Ouch, completely forgot. People, make sure to vote! :sweat_smile:

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Agree same here. It just feels like most projects are too early for adoption.

Can’t wait to get hand virtual hands on these US stocks. Hopefully it’s not too much longer.

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I thought only the big cats got to trade after hours!.. Earning reports would way more exciting if we could trade them as they are released (always after market close) haha :smiley:


It doesn’t seem to be unusual to trade during after hours, even the second world countries’ brokers allow that (known from personal experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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I’ve always thought it was super exspensive to trade after hours so unless you were going in with thousands it was pointless, that being said, I haven’t actively looked for brokers which offer it!
P.s I’m super jealous of everyone who’s had US stocks activated today haha!


Hi will US stock prices be live or will they have a 15 minute time delay?


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It’s live :zap: we’re using IEX as our data source for US stocks. They have a pretty cool website with some stats about volumes etc. & stock prices.


The pending label is gone on US stocks, does this mean I can buy them?

I am not sure I understand a 100% are the US stocks actually on the app now or not yet? I still don’t have them on my app.

Possibly, it is rolling out. Do you have the W8BEN on your profile page?