Update on US stocks


I know US stocks are scheduled for this month (I’m super pumped) but is there any sort of timeline for fractional shares? To be honest, it’s the thing that most attracted me to freetrade so really looking forward to them.

(Georgi) #52

US stocks , fractional shares , DRIP and I am all set :smiley:
Hopefully they are up on the priority list

(Kenny Grant) #53

Don’t forget limit orders!

(Jack Bailey) #54

Would be good to know a timeline! Thought it would be here by now!


A timeline on fractional US shares be helpful tbh

Days/ weeks/ months after US stocks launch?

(Kenny Grant) #56

Is this still scheduled for January, or have you hit snags that mean it might come later?

Are you considering testing with a few users first or are you planning rolling it out to everyone at once?

(Alex Sherwood) #57

Yes :slight_smile:

Yes - they’ll be hearing from us within the next couple of days :eyes:


(Chris) #59

Anyway to get in on that action? I have cash ready to buy :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #60

It looks like we have enough testers right now but I’ll post here if we end up wanting more..


Have I missed something about testers ? :man_shrugging:

(Alex Sherwood) #62

No you haven’t :slight_smile: we’re testing with a group of users that we’ve selected for this one.


Oh to be part of that special club :confused:

(Alex Sherwood) #64

You’re part of one very special club :wink: but there’s others too..

(Emma) #65


(Chris) #66

(Aaron) #67

Woo. I’m really excited for this!


An Apple :green_apple: a day keeps the doctor away !


At £121 a day I’d rather see the doctor!


But if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit. :blush: