Updates on the Android app

(Emma) #83


(Vladislav Kozub) #84

These updates and tests are flooding! Imagine what the pace will be like once they have an even bigger engineering team :scream:


Volunteering for testing Android :wink: Had my invite weeks ago from being top 1000 in the queue, and watching iphone friends tap away is inspiring such jealousy in me!

Hopefully ISAs are available about the same time, and all before the tax year ends!


User #64 reporting for Android testing! :wink:



Have you picked what you’re going for yet?


Can’t wait to be testing this!

(Viktor) #89

Pixel 3 XL. It’s expensive, but worth it I hope. I already have it in fact, just have to set it up. :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #90

Yet another sneak peak :smile:

(Danny Jeremiah) #91

OK so I’ve lived with a busted-ass One Plus 3 for over a year now, I finally gave in last week when the camera stopped being able to focus. I got an Honor 9 Lite in the Black Friday sales which when all was said and done was under £100 and it is amazing!! NFC (Google Pay) , finger print scanner, facial unlock, octo-core 3GB RAM, 1080+ screen… Surely someone’s losing money on that?

(Keiran Corbett) #92

Any hints of a date or month that we may be expecting it to be finished?

I understand timelines can change

Android waitlist app sneak preview
(Alex Sherwood) #93

It’ll definitely be ready by April, in time for the new tax year. But hopefully sooner! We’ll let you know here as soon as we have a more specific timeframe.

(Ben) #94

Hi Alex will the ISA and SIPP be part of android app when it is done? I plan on selling some of my funds on HL and putting them into free trade for individual shares. Would like to transfer part of SIPP too

(Kenny Grant) #95

ISA will be part of Android from day one or very soon after I expect - it’s already available on iOS. SIPP won’t be here for a while yet I’m afraid. I’m potentially interested in transferring a SIPP as well, however it is not on their roadmap for this year. You can see their plans for 2019 here:

One silver lining to that is it’s probably good practice anyway to spread your savings accounts around, just in case of problems with one provider, so may be just as well if you have your ISA with freetrade and a SIPP somewhere else for now. I’d like to see freetrade on a sustainable financial trajectory (i.e. see them become profitable) before I transfer my SIPP over anyway, and that might take a year or two. They are not on the near term roadmap, but I Adam the CEO has said he wants one too.

You can vote for a SIPP here.

(Ben) #96

Agreed. I’ve invested in free trade and I hope to transfer some isa but agreed its a new platform and it probably wouldn’t be sensible to empty life savings and retirement to a new platform! I assume freetrade is covered by the normal financial protections?

(Vladislav Kozub) #97

Yes, Freetrade has an FSCS protection.

(Ben) #98

That’s perfect. Was my only concern although if I didn’t have full confidence I wouldn’t be here. I think my plan is to sell funds and then buy the shares on freetrade and do my own trackers! Can’t wait!


One of my referrals now has access on their iphone and has shown me the app - I soooooo can’t wait for it to be on Android! :heart_eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #100

We’ve just revealed that -

We’re targeting late March to begin our beta.

& added the Android app to our open roadmap as ‘work in progress’ :eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #101

A preview of the Discover tab & placing orders on the Android app :eyes: :point_down:

The Discover tab & orders on the Android app

(Big Boss) #102

Woooooooooo! That’s hot :poop:!