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Upstart (UPST) is a promising loan company that uses AI to determine the suitability of customers for loans, rather than just credit score. This technology reduces defaults by 75% and increases loan approvals by 27%. Upstart also offers this product to banks, for them to use when offering loans.

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Id be interested in having this on Freetrade as well. Seems like a really nice company with a good business model.


yep need this one please!


Revenues up over 1000% YoY, strong earnings beat and guidance.

To those people looking at high short interest companies why not look at companies that are also good and growing?

There’s a technical error on the current price. Closed over $203 yet the live price is showing as $178.12.

It’s showing correctly now. Give it some time to refresh.


Where did the sudden boost is this stock price come from today?!

Buy the dip guys!

Double cash in 12 months?

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This has been a painful learning experience.

I think the stock was a great stock to own for a whole bundle of reasons……

Though I ignored the elephant in the room which was its valuation.

Looks fully sure that this is and will continue to be corrected down until the 100-120$.

That’s some fall, even with buying the dip……:see_no_evil:

this is not alone

Affirm (AFRM), Blend Labs (BLND) & Riskified (RSKD) also down in the dumps

all financ-ey companies

I like them all longer term


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What happend to this stock dropping down last 3 months… Anyone know what going on?

General fintec stocks have taken a smash.

Largely overpriced in the traditional sense even as a growth stock.

Underlying performance is great. Market disrupt or they are. No proven track record in a difficult market.

Me personally said buy again at $100-120 for a double return in 2022.

High risk stock, high pay back, high volatility.

Personally can only see good gains over an extended period (5 plus years) but for the ‘gambler investor’ it’s also worth a short term punt….

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Here we go!

Let’s see what earnings are?

Revenues will be jumping, heading towards a $1tr dollar company before the summer?

Share price bump will be up to $136 on the news… then market sentiment will push it higher, deservedly so…. ?

Anyone else have an angle?

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$UPST Q4 Earnings

Revenue: $305M v $262M Expected
EPS: $0.89 v $0.49 Expected

Upstart announces $400M share repurchase program



Upstart $UPST conference call:

“We generated more cash flow than we have burned in the past 8 years since our founding”

“In each of the next few years a new product”

Raised Q1 and FY revenue guidance for 2022


I’m down 92% on this …… my worst stock obviously, but still, fml.