US Stocks Showing Wrong Prices

Help! My US stocks are showing the wrong prices! Is anyone else having the same issue?

They are the closing prices for the day before (Wednesday). I’ve checked with a friend and his are showing correctly.

I’m on Android, app is up to date.

If you scroll down it shows the data source and the latest time it got a price.

OXY on mine is showing $65.39 last updated 10:54, latest price 9pm 11th which is when it closed.

It looks like the price for OVV is the close price. And there are some after hours trading not reflected on freetrade yet. The close price seems to be correct and is what free trade seems to be showing

My Velo3d gains have been jumping between 3 and 8% all morning, which can’t be right, as the US market is closed. I think there might be a glitch at Freetrade’s end. @NeilB @bitflip can you help and point us in the direction of someone who can help?

Seems to be working correctly now.

Can confirm that it is not to do with exchange rates…that was my first thought…but price of the stock was wrong.

Yes your issue wasn’t an exchange rate issue. There was obviously an issue with the feed update time.
It is not clear to me that @Emmie’s issue was the same as yours though.

@Emmie if you see something like that again please ping me. Have a quick look at to gauge how different things are - so that we can try to reproduce your problem and get some intervention from engineering if need be.

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@bitflip thank you, it seems to have settled now and is staying at 8% whereas this morning it was literally changing every 10 seconds or so between 3 and 8. No idea what’s happened, the joys of technology!

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Just so that you know your and @jamesthemonkeh’s issues were flagged and are being investigated with priority … and this is even though all seems to be Ok now. We know that some feeds were late last night. I hope that you won’t experience this again.


Thanks for all your help, really appreciate you taking this forward for us.

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Hi, looking at the totals per share on Freetrade and comparing to closing on Yahoo Finance, Freetrade is 2% lower across the board roughly… Ill wait till Monday open to see if it corrects. Weird as at close of Friday it was correct, then an entry on Saturday morning dropped the totals.


Hi, same problem here. Agree it seems strange as the sudden drop of value occurred after US market close at 9 PM Friday (BST). Hope they will fix it first thing Monday morning.

Yes, definitely an issue with Freetrade, I calculated my account dropped 2% in value after close on Friday for no reason, I’ve checked exchange rate in case it was that, but no significant change there. If I display graph for monthly value of ISA then the last value on right of graph is timed 20 mins before close and is accurate (how I saw it when I looked at close) yet the value of ISA showing right now (Sunday) is two percent lower

This was fixed this morning I think. case closed!

Seems another wrong and sudden value drop of US stocks last night 29 Aug after market close. Anyone else had the similar problem?

There’s another sudden US stock value drop last night (Sep 2) after market close. Even though it may be fixed next Monday, but shall we be concerned this “glitch” happens almost every weekend and occasionally on some weekdays? They should investigate and solve it once for all.

I’m struggling to understand why my portfolio dropped 1.5% overnight. Possibly user error, but I think something is wrong.

Now, this might be explained by exchange rates. Roughly 30% of my portfolio is in USD stocks, maybe 40%, not sure.

So if the GBP had strengthened by around 5bp overnight, from 1.16 to 1.21, that could explain it.

But the GBP has not been strengthening, as we all know.

So what else could explain it? Or are there more technical issues?


(edited to remove portfolio value as probably shouldn’t share on public forums!)


Funny you say that, I was asking myself the same question.

One of my stocks was in green last night, now showing red 5% down when it finished the day up :face_with_monocle:

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7 day chart :arrow_up:. My US holdings are being converted into £s at a rate of 1.21 which is miles out.

Concerned that this kind of phantom rate could be used when selling.


Suggestion - option to see your investments totals with a toggle that shows either in Sterling at latest exchange rate or in a split Sterling/Dollar/Euro mini table layout. Understand there are other currencies and also I’d eventually have to sell back into sterling, but maybe that gives a better understanding of the portfolio outside exchange rates.

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@Jim_mcgrain You are right the (present) conversion spot value being applied for the pound values is 1.2146 and that is way out given the weak pound. But that is not the value that would be applied at buy or sell time … the value used is whatever the real-time spot rate the FX broker supplies at the time. But if you are concerned about this always ping as they are only people that can check/resolve buy/sell issues.


Perhaps, but an investment app not being able to correctly apply an FX conversion rate to value a portfolio doesn’t inspire confidence.