Valeant short selling bets on Tesla

(James Drake) #21

oh awesome :slight_smile: Canโ€™t wait. Big tech in healthcare soon as well :stuck_out_tongue: but thats a different topic

(Jonny) #22

I watched this last night after it was mentioned here, it was a good watch. Cheers for the heads up :+1:

(Stu) #23

I watched it last night too - Fahmi is definitely a smart cookie.

Also watched the one about Payday lender - how does that guy sleep at night? Probably not well considering he is serving a well deserved prison sentence :expressionless:

(James Drake) #24

@Jonny @srcudlipp - Dirty Money is great! I literally started this post because I was watching it :stuck_out_tongue: Oddly enough the Trump episode is the weakest of the bunch.

Ep1,2 and 3 are just required viewing if someone gets on Netflix.

(Stu) #25


Watched the one about Maple Syrup as well last night - who knew there could be so much backstabbing over a pancake topping :joy:

(James Drake) #26

oh my god I know dude! haha I remember holding off watching that so many times. I actually binge watched the series one after the other, completely hooked and kept watching the syrup episode like 5 times before finishing it haha quite the mood killer in the middle of global car manufacturer fraud, killer people with price hikes, payday loan morality and thenโ€ฆsyrup :rofl: