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@Freetrade_Team awesome that VEVE has been added but there is no mention of the word ‘Vanguard’ in the description so if someone searched ‘Vanguard’ this ETF is not returned as an available option.

EDIT: Actually this is the case with all of the recently added Vanguard ETFs.


When I search “Vanguard” it is in the results

Thanks for this. It’s fixed now, and they should be all visible for the keyword in 30 minutes. :+1:


I think most were fixed already then but VEVE still doesn’t show up when I search Vanguard, but then it hasn’t been 30 minutes yet so that’s not surprise.

That’s weird. I was looking for this last night and when I searched Vanguard it came up


When paying into an All-World ETF like VEVE, your exposure is 5% to the UK. Is this the same as having 5% exposure to the FTSE 100 or are you missing out on the 4.5% dividend which the FTSE 100 pays.

If you are missing out on the 4.5% dividend, would it make sense to pay into the ‘ex UK’ version and separate into the FTSE 100 to get the 4.5% dividend?

Thank you in advance.

You’ll get the same dividends in either scenario (assuming you own the same amount of underlying FTSE 100 stocks). This will pay dividends on all the UK and non-UK stocks included.

Tangential point

That’s not to say it’s never worth owning 2 or more smaller ETFs rather than a larger one. One reason it can be worth holding several separate ETFs rather than 1 larger one is to reduce expenses.

For example a global index ETF might cost ~0.2-0.3% but some smaller ETFs can be cheaper (e.g. US might cost 0.07% and make up ~55% of the global index). You can then build up a global one from its underlying components (e.g. US + Dev Europe + Emerging + etc…) however it’s probably not worth the hassle to figure out the correct weightings for each.

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@freetrade The Stock Discussion button in the iOS app for this stock (VEVE) doesn’t link to this forum page (it just shows a 404 error).

Thanks @roygoode, we’ll look into this.

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Does anyone know why the distribution for VEVE was so much higher for this quarter?

$0.6293 compared to $0.2774 for the preceding quarter.

With the market on a downward trajectory, it came as a nice surprise…

This is speculation, but I’m confident it’s at least part of the answer.

Many european stocks only pay dividends once a year, e.g. Germany (France as well afaik but check). This period is usually from April to June. So you get all these paid out now and nothing in the other quarters.
And we’re in a downturn but many companies, e.g. in Germany are paying record high dividends and also partly having record high profits for the past year.

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Interesting, thanks for clearing that up!