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This is essential as you cannot currently create a global portfolio made up of developed world and emerging market without going for an MSCI tracked developed world ETF and a FTSE emerging markets ETF.

This causes you to have zero exposure to countries like South Korea, which MSCI considers an emerging market, while FTSE considers it developed.

IMO this is an issue that must be addressed ASAP


Bump. A developed world tracker is pretty fundamental.

The current developed world tracker (IWDG) is GBP hedged so not necessarily suitable.


Thanks @mucgoo and @hellohi

Really good reasons why VEVE is really necessary on freetrade


This is the only ETF missing from :freetrade: that’s preventing me from transfering my ISA. Will VEVE be added when the new invest platform is launched?


Just giving this a boost, please vote if anyone wants this on FT


Voted. This is the sort of ETF that would allow me to bring my portfolio across to FT. I’m heavily invested in Vanguard Life strategy funds but there are still gaps in the offering here to replicate. Fractional shares (which is in the offering with Invest by Freetrade) is also a must.


Got to agree with Ethan. It’s a must.


Any updates on this?

It has a reasonable ongoing charge (OCF) of 0.12% as well. For comparison, iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF, the ETF composed of companies from developed countries available on Freetrade has a OCF of 0.30%.

Yes but that 0.30% charge includes hedging so is offering a far superior ETF.

Yes, it’s not entirely like for like but all things considered I don’t understand VEVE’s omission. Suppose I can just stick with going to Vanguard directly. In which case nothing to see here.

I have seen arguments for and against on hedging ETFs. Out of interest what makes a hedging ETF far superior to you?

Please don’t consider my response a put down to your request. I think we should have this ETF and more (hence why I lent you my vote).

I just don’t believe the US economy is as healthy as people seem to think. I do not want my ETF (where the holdings are around 60% US stocks) to suffer both equity loses and FX loses during the next crisis. It will mean the recovery process will take even longer.

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@Freetrade_Team Could we please have VEVE added soon please. Please.

The blog was even updated to remove the phrase ‘stocks and ETFs’ so now it just reads ‘stocks’. I imagine there won’t be any significant movement on ETFs for awhile I’m afraid.

Correct, that was an oversight to mention ETFs in the blog post in the first place.

We’re focused on adding more US stocks immediately - and we can’t add US ETFs for regulatory reasons. After the first 250 US stocks are added, we’ll review the universe and prioritise the next improvement, using community votes / NPS / PMF / operational feasibility as the most important inputs.

We know VEVE is highly requested. We appreciate your patience.

@Viktor: Can we get VEVE this Thursday?




Seeing as they had the same number of votes… any chance for EQGB as well?


:partying_face: excellent thanks

This comes across as a really diversified ETF. 2,196 stocks for a 0.12% charge!


Even the top holdings are quite a small % of the fund, due to so many stocks being tracked:

Anyone wants to share a downside, before I try to balance my risky stocks holdings with this ETF?

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