Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (Dist) - V3AM

I’ve done the stock request form for this ETF, frankly I find their radio silence bizarre

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It is not ideal but buzzard is a stretch. I’ve not seen an official reply to a stick request for 12+ months.

This EFT has only existed for 6 weeks and FT are a young start up growing fast (see Graph) I’m only here to offer some perspective from someone who has been around these parts a fair while.

Yeah right, with market volatility jumping, I really want to deploy some extra cash to invest in this etf

How is that they are being young prevents them for adding an ETF? People investing in this ETF are the ones likely to stay invested no matter what market behaves. Thus, their beloved loyal customers.

While the ones investing in speculative stocks are mostlikely to abandon their position in volatility.


They have a roadmap established for adding stocks and building out the platform. If teams don’t remain focused on the talk in hand and keep dipping out to ‘just add this’ or ‘just sort that’ they wouldn’t deliver on their overalls goals.

I’m nearly offering some calming words - I don’t know how long you’ve been investing with FT. from my easiest dealing they’ve made it clear they are looking to build longer term relationships with customers - they’re business model hinges on it.

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I like Freetrade but the lack of communication from them especially when I was referred here after asking them for this ETF in a support chat couple of months ago now is verging on rude.

A simple “we’re working on it or not right or not this year or never” will do. It’s not difficult to be transparent.


I’m not especially interested in the ETF, but I don’t think this is a particularly good reason to not include it. Make it a plus-only stock, with a warning that liquidity is low and that you should use limit orders instead of market orders to buy and sell.

Thank you for posting that. It’ll be a buy and hold for me. I would think the liquidity will improve once more people start investing in the ETF.

Also because apparently it’s volume (or rather number of trades) that they actually check rather than liquidity.

I’m sure there’s a good reason I’m missing but the response in that thread is just confusing.

I think it still shouldn’t really matter what the volume is. If you have a reasonable limit order in place, you should expect it to complete, in theory, whenever your price is better for the other party than the others.

I actually think Freetrade’s system is a bit broken here, because back when I was still learning how things worked, I had some limit buy orders in place on an AIM stock that never got executed over several days even though I had market buy orders that were succeeding for a cheaper price while those limit buys were in place. Cancelling those limit buys and doing them again resulted in instant buys.

Obviously, I still might be missing something obvious here, but I think if people are happy to just set up a limit buy or sell and wait for it to complete, they should be allowed to.

Yeah it’s not clear as the number of trades could be down to lack of market makers covering the ETF or it’s few people trading the ETF.

FT have still kept some previously popular ETFs in the universe even though they have fewer daily trades than V3AM at the moment. This ETF will be the opposite where it’s not popular now but will pick up as time goes on


I will be patient. This is however going to be my core holding and I will be buying very regularly with no intention to sell.
Just looked on the Vanguard website and this ETF currently has $17.6 million total assets. It wouldn’t be up to date though and will be constantly gaining I’m sure.

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Yes, this will be core for me too. I’m thinking about transferring my pension into this (probably 100%) and ask Vanguard to also start building their pension products around it.

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$31.2 million total assets.
4890 stocks.
Really want this added :kissing_heart:


Computer says no… :roll_eyes:

… Soon hopefully

Users: “Hi Freetrade, please please please, can we have V3AM please, we have been waiting for too long and we really want to invest for long time in this ETF”


I just want to buy and hold this beauty :blush:

You’re going to need to address ‘patient’ - This will be likely be months not weeks.