Vanguard high div yield etf £VYM

VYM vanguard high div yield etf

Is this what you’re looking for?

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What about VYM??

My understanding is VYM is just the US listed version of the ETF available on Freetrade.


Which ETF?

See my above screenshot.

I see. So there are no differences in terms of stocks in these?

There are differences. To be clear VYM is high-yielding US stocks (3.7% yield) and VHYL is high-yielding global stocks (3.4%). I would argue that VHYL is far superior as the returns are basically the same but you have amore diverse company and currency base rather than being all in the US market (and therefore vulnerable to a dollar drop). As always, DYOR.

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Thanks. I just dont like certain holdings of vhyl in certain countries. Having VYM would be a good alternative.

As VYM is US listed you would not be eligible to invest in it unless you qualify as a sophisticated investor.

VHYL overlaps mostly with VYM. Which are the particular holdings in VHYL you object to? No one company makes up more than 2% of the index.

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Thanks for letting me know. I just didnt want to include emerging markets

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