Varo Bank

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A mobile only bank born in the USA.

I’m just mentioning this because there seems to be a wealth of fintechs poping up like mushrooms. All over the world.

I hope this doesn’t evolve to a fintech bubble, with crazy valuations like in the .com days.

Other than that I’m glad people decide to build alternatives.

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The American banking market is in desperate need of shaking up. Chime are already doing that and Monzo are making moves that direction. Plenty of room over there for a few more FinTechs

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Yeah. That’s a big place with loads of people. Plenty of room.

I just fear a valuation hyped fever with the increased public awareness. Fashion go to darling investments fed by the media.

I like peace and quiet. Definitely old fashioned.

On another note does #20 means you are the 20th person to get in? The shades gave it away

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The valuation will only be relevant by the time they’ve actually proved themselves. It’ll be a few years yet before we know if it’s a bubble

User number, since we are all sharing :grin: