Vietnam Enterprise Investments πŸ‡»πŸ‡³πŸ’΄ VEIL - Stock Discussion

This trust invests predominately in Vietnamese companies, across sectors like food production, retail, real estate and banking.

Fees at 2.11% ! Am seeking exposure to Vietnam but not sure about the fees. Will keep looking… :slight_smile:

Most Vietnam Trusts/Funds will be ~2%
Here’s another Trust slightly lower Fee and a decent track record in the area


Thank you - appreciated!

I looked at Vietnam thinking it could be a beneficiary of the US/China trade war. But even during peak Trump, Vietnam ETFs were basically flat with low if any dividends. My takeaway was that while the Vietnamese economy is growing fast, it is not captured in their public markets. That being said, the last few months have looked like solid growth.


Vietnam investment trusts trade at a discount… always. A bit bigger at the moment than usual. About 20%. So paying 80p for 100p worth of shares. there are 3 Vietnam investment trusts. One pays dividends out of capital. Around 2% dividend. None are doing particularly well at the moment, might be good time to buy. Also Vietnam might be moved out of frontier markets to emerging. The result should be rise in the value of the underlying assets and narrowing of the discount.
Main problem with Vietnam investment trusts is the amount and size of the investment trusts. Supply greater than demand.

I’m invested in VOF. In the process of moving to my SIPP as I believe Vietnam & India will see the most growth longer term.