VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Ltd - VOF - Share chat

This trust invests predominately in Vietnamese companies, across sectors like construction, real estate and banking.

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Here’s a good one for you.
It appears that VOF is to complicated for me.
According to freetrade they will not let me buy more share. I can keep what I have though. I wonder if it’s just me they think is to stupid to hold shares in VOF? Will they ban me from buying shares in the other Vietnam investment trust I own? Or is that to complicated for a halfwit like me. I might have made a mistake in moving to the condescending freetrade.
Anyone else banned from buying shares in an investment trust which is available on freetrade.

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Me to think I’ll do a bit more investigation, I wanted to invest in the far East avoiding China

The latter is difficult using an investment trust. Unless you use a single country investment trust.of which there’s 3…all Vietnam.
If after dividends Henderson far east is an option 8.2% dividend and a share price gain of minus 17% over 5 years!
Although there definition of far east includes Australia and new Zealand.
Note it rarely trades at a meaningfull discount often at small premium.
Opps just noticed there china investment has gone from 5% to 19%. Look through this asia etc.